Celebrate the Act of Giving

Join hundreds of people around the world as we strive to raise $40,000 in 40 hours for St. Jude days before Christmas

About Us

Who is Andrew the Elf?

Andrew The Elf is a costumed philanthropist.  He's a retired cheerleader and mascot, one of Delta's most frequent flyers and a professional cheer, dance and gymnastics photographer.  He's the son of a breast cancer survivor and a friend to many who have fought childhood cancer themself.

What is #AndrewTheElf's Flight for St. Jude?

#AndrewTheElf's Flight for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a 40 hour flash fundraiser.  Over the course of the fundraiser #AndrewTheElf travels all over the country on Delta Airlines making people smile, sharing information on St. Jude and raising money while in the airports, in-flight and online.  

Get Involved!

On the morning of December 18th this website will automatically forward you directly to the official St. Jude fundraising site for #AndrewTheElf.  Donate what you feel comfortable giving. 

Share with your friends that you got involved by using the hashtags #AndrewTheElf and #IDonatedToAndrewTheElf! Have fun with the post and be as festive as you like!

The History of #AndrewTheElf

#AndrewTheElf's Flight for St. Jude originally began in 2016 as a 20 hour fundraiser with the goal of raising $1,500 over the course of the trip.  Within 2 hours that goal was achieved and at the end of the day over $13,000 was donated in flight and online with over 600 individuals donating to the fundraiser.  

In 2017 #AndrewTheElf set the bar high with the goal of raising $20,000 in 20 hours. With the help of countless individuals and thousands of social media shares the goal of $20,000 was not only hit, but blown away with over 1,200 individuals donating bringing in nearly $24,000.

This year he has expanded the fundraiser into a 40 hour trip with the goal of raising $40,000, a amount totally more than the last two years combined.  Over the years the fundraiser has caught the attention of Delta Airlines who now assists in the planning of the event.  While they assist, Andrew still pays for 100% of the flights and fundraising materials in an effort to keep the attention directed to where it needs to be, raising money for the children at St. Jude.